Once upon a Time.... F5ZTU

picjer local bas

The Observatory (Photo F5HPQ)

picjer antf5ztu

picjer local ant

Antenna on the left Pylon.

picjer vhfmotorolalogique small

Tx/Rx VHF + logic


picjer uhf1

Armoire e/r UHF



Antenne 400 MHz : omnidirectional 4db brand Kathrein (North side of the pylon).
Antenne 144 MHz : omnidirectional Ground plane 0db Brandprocom.(North/Est of pylon).
Relais UHF actuel : TX: 430.125 RX: 431.725  10W env. Thomson CSF  TMF 537 with a duplexer, to be replaced soon by a  Motorola MAL 34 EVM1206AT
Voie VHF : TX/RX : 145.2375 mhz 10w env Motorola same type MAL 34.



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